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Mr. Ed's Barnyard

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28 November 1966
I'm a college English professor and popular music scholar. I am co-author of Apocalypse Jukebox: the End of the World in American Popular Music, published in January 2009 by the PopMatters imprint of Soft Skull Press.

I'm 42, married to my college sweetheart (18 years now), father to two pre-teen boys. I'm agnostic when it comes to religion, but pretty well read in numerous forms of faith. Politically, I'm liberal in my social views but conservative in my personal life. I am a member of no political party; in fact, I'm absolutely disgusted with both of them. I'm the product of a working class upbringing and I maintain a deep distrust of anything smelling of elitism. Yeah, I get to put those three extra letters after my name now, but I'm still the ornery kid who grew up in row homes in South Philly. Which means I don't suffer stupidity quietly.

Parent's Advisory Label: Warning, the following journal contains strong language that may be deemed offensive within some communities. Further warning: really, nothing is sacred here: dead grandmothers, baby bunnies, god and religion, politics, sexuality, gender identity, alleged heroes, alleged villains, idol worship, and pretty much anything else one could possibly think of. To repeat, nothing is sacred here . . .

Um, well, okay, maybe Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground is sacred, but that's where I draw the line.

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